Vertical conveyors from FlexLink

Vertical conveyors from FlexLink are used to automate material handling processes where the transport of the product involves a change in the height of the conveyor, typically an elevation.
Vertical conveyors
FlexLink is one of the world’s leading vertical conveyor designers and manufacturers, offering flexible conveyors, modular conveyors and automated assembly conveyor systems. FlexLink vertical conveyors handle these complicated changes in elevation with ease while helping to use floor space more efficiently.

Types of vertical conveyors

FlexLink is the vertical conveyor expert for custom vertical conveyor systems and off-the-shelf vertical conveyors used in many industries and applications. These vertical conveyor systems include:

  • Alpine conveyors - compact spiral configuration, used inline or as a bypass, often an accumulation/buffer or in-process step (cooling, drying).
  • Incline conveyors - continuous elevation of sensitive products, single or multiple lanes, space efficient.
  • Wedge conveyors - two coordinated conveyor tracks used to elevate light, regularly shape items at high speed.
  • Gravity chutes - space efficient way to lower products from higher elevations at high speed.
  • Packet incline units - high speed vertical transport of packets assisted by soft pressure rollers without additional drive units.
  • Spiral conveyor – compact, high throughput solution for up or down elevation, space efficient.

Note: FlexLink does not make the equipment also referred to as vertical conveyers such as vertical reciprocating conveyors, hydraulic vertical conveyors, freight elevators, hydraulic lift tables and vertical material lifts. Vertical conveyors from FlexLink are plastic chain based conveyor systems to change elevations for small, discrete product units.

Vertical conveyors can be used to incline products

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