Equipment and production monitoring

Youtilize® is our OEE software for improved factory utilization, visibility and control. Manage both your product and information flow by combining our conveyor and handling solutions with Youtilize®.
OEE software for production monitoring

Youtilize® equipment and monitoring software enables you to organize an optimal utilization of all resources available in the line and enhance overall line efficiency significantly. This OEE tool integrates the functions between escort memories (RFID tags), hardware controls (PLC) and business application software (ERP etc).


Production monitoring software

Youtilize® is available on three product levels: Service Monitoring (SM), Production Monitoring (PM) and Factory Control (FC). And it is completely scalable to the level that is right for your needs – even when they change over time. With Youtilize® you can benefit from true production logistics.

Plan your maintenance

Service Monitoring level

The SM level monitors the health of your conveyors and gives instant information on availability, speed and power consumption. Youtilize® allows you to early detect potential mechanical problems and helps to plan the next maintenance with the time to next service feature. Service monitoring reduces your unplanned stops and improves the line up-time.

Youtilize® Production Monitoring
Youtilize® Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring level

The PM level monitors your production flow and collects valuable efficiency data from your process equipment. Information like average cycle time, utilization and yield is instantly visible but can also be delivered as reports for your value stream analysis and continuous improvement plan.


Factory Control level

FC as the final level gives you an array of optional capabilities including route management, quality collection and repair control, test data management, and a paperless shop floor.

Middleware connection

This level can also serve as middleware connecting the FlexLink hardware environment to an existing business system such as an Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

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