Taking efficiency to new limits

X65 – the new generation conveyor platform

Less is more

By setting new standards in strength, speed, cost of installation and energy consumption, you get lower Total Cost of Ownership than with a traditional solution.

Lower noise levels

The X65 generates roughly 2/3 less perceived noise than the standard system at comparable speeds. Please contact me

Flexibility is the future

The new conveyor platform delivers real value today - but equally addresses the requirements of tomorrow.

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Technical characteristics
Beam width 65 mm
Max. speed 120 m/min
Max. conveyor length 40 m
Max. item weight 10 kg
Max. chain pull 1000 N
Motor options IE2 or IE4
Pallet size 100×128 mm
Max. weight on pallet 3 kg

Key features

  • Low noise
  • High speed
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact
  • Long service life

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