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FlexLink’s responsibility towards society is to manage the business as a responsible member of our society, showing respect for laws, cultures and needs of communities where we operate. We support and respect the human rights internationally proclaimed by the UN.

As individuals and companies, we must do what we can to contribute to a sustainable future by developing products and solutions that contribute to better use of energy and less impact on the environment we live in.

We support the local communities where we are active in order to improve conditions for societies, environments and relatives to employees, customers and the society as such. This is a natural element to our commitment to long term thinking and acting.

All employees are entitled to spend one workday per year on a activity supporting the community, Our units do also participate in activities towards the communities we operate in. We also give support at catastrophes like the Hungarian red sludge victims (2010) and
Japanese earth quake and tsunami victims (2011).



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