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Stay tuned with FlexLink

Stay tuned with FlexLinkLearn more about FlexLink and the development of smart factory automation. Follow our digital channels to find out the latest industry trends, product news and company initiatives.

Sharing our expertise

After more than 35 years providing the industry with production line architecture and smart conveyor solutions, FlexLink has gained extensive experience and knowledge of technologies and processes. We believe in sharing our knowledge and supporting manufacturers, machine builders and partners in their challenges so that we can grow together.

Easy access in social media

Follow FlexLink on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to get weekly updates about factory automation and company news. Share posts, comment or just like them. By following us you make sure that FlexLink’s information is in your feed and on your wall, allowing you fast access without the risk of missing out on anything.

On our blog you can find all the articles where we write about industry trends, technologies or market news. It is a forum for knowledge sharing, where we help each other to solve problems as well as look ahead. Here you can easily come in contact with our product managers and read about their thoughts on the development of smarter factory automation.

Find more on the website

Don’t forget to visit flexlink.com regularly. On our website you can find customer cases, videos, company news and eBooks. You can also find information about engineering tools and software, with a detailed knowledge base for advanced use. The website is the best place to read more detailed information about new products and services.

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