40% faster container unloading process at a warehouse

FlexLink worked with one of the world’s largest logistics companies to find an alternative solution to manually unloading and palletizing products on arrival at the warehouse.


With two pallet loading stations allowing for a continuous operation while pallets were exchanged, in addition to handling payloads at 12 cycles per minute, containers were unloaded in 40% less time, with fewer people involved. Further time savings will be recognized when double gripper functionality is implemented.

Reduction in the pallet rejections at the central infeed

The precision of the robotics’ movements reduced the customer’s pallet rejections at the warehouse infeed by over 85%. This was a surprising benefit that saved both time and inconvenience of manually re-palletizing the pallets before storage.

Safety and mobility

The enhanced safety system created a safe co-existence with operators. The robot arm automatically slows down if an operator enters the safety zone and stops working if necessary, ensuring safe operations for operators and a continuous workflow.

Customers can relocate the palletizer around the facility as needed, as the units are not bolted to the floor. This mobility can enable the palletizer to be used in multiple warehouse areas, including the customization lines for de-palletizing and re-palletizing.

Very satisfying ROI

FlexLink’s customer reported a return on investment within 12-months of the system being installed.