Taking the high road

Using FlexLink’s X45 conveyor platform, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic tests has implemented a safe, reliable, and fully compliant assembly line, freeing up valuable floor space at the same time.

Taking the high road

Our customer, a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostic tests for clinical laboratories and point-of-care sites, installed a new assembly line at their production facility in Oslo, Norway. Their products need to be handled with the utmost care, and the choice was an X45 conveyor solution to transport cartridges from the assembly line to the flow-pack wrapping machine.

High off the ground

Thanks to vertical transportation with wedge conveyors, the solution frees up floor space by placing most of the conveyors overhead. It enables a capacity of 50 pieces per minute while ensuring that each product is handled safely and carefully. The X45-based solution also has a low noise level and low energy consumption.

Safety and quality

Due to the demands of the medical device industry, the manufacturer needed a new conveyor solution to meet high safety and quality requirements. FlexLink designed the system to ensure compliance with CFR 21 Part 820 Quality System Regulation and ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard. The installation also follows GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, including the risk management process, functional risk assessment, document management, change management, and qualification. The result is a satisfied customer who has an efficient and reliable conveyor system ensuring safe product handling and minimal disruption in their workplace.