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Total control in assembly line

One of the world's leading producers of pressure reducers for methane gas and LPG converting systems is an Italian manufacturer. They turned to FlexLink for new assembly line.

To deliver a fully controlled assembly line with both manual and automatic workstations.

A semi-automatic assembly line with SCADA management and supervision system.

Increased product quality with less errors and increased volume. Full product traceability.

A semiautomatic line

The FlexLink hardware solution is an XT pallet loop extending over approximately 25 metres. This solution comprises manual stations together with automatic stations, and is completed by an electrical-pneumatic system, the SCADA management and supervision system. The pallets are equipped with RFID memory tags. There are also two repair satellites. The automatic stations carry out screwing operations, testing and calibration of pressure reducers. The manual stations have been designed for optimum ergonomics and efficiency.

Process supervision system

This SCADA system is capable of analyzing a significant amount of data from the field, automatically checking for the presence of faults and then indicating this information to the operator using various interfaces (web, e-mail, sound and light signals, pagers, various types of portable terminals). The data is recorded and stored in a database for future processing. Consequently a historical archive of the data can be administered and used as a statistical basis, for export to management applications or for sending to various operational areas within the company. Obviously the system incorporates all the functions to guarantee the full traceability of every single product.

Completely turn-key, including training

The FlexLink delivery was completely turn-key. From hardware and software to control and training. For this project a detailed training plan was developed for the personnel employed to run and maintain the system, both during the preparation phases at FlexLink, and in the final stages of installation and commissioning at the user’s factory.

“As we were familiar with FlexLink’s working methods, we knew we were in safe hands: the required delivery times were met and FlexLink technicians were available at all times, both to analyze any production improvements with us and to offer help to our employees on the production lines” emphasizes the Industrialization Manager of the company.