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Automated tray handling

The largest optical laboratory in Venezuela has made major investments to automate production at its facility in Caracas.

Transforming the tray handling system of a major optical laboratory into a state-of-the-art facility.

Installation of the automated production flow system, Vision X® combined with rotation modules, vertical spiral conveyors, a large elevator and numerous conveyor modules.

High speed processing in a very long transportation system, with a quick and simple installation. Highly flexible, with multiple routing solutions.  Reliable, minimum support required and remote operation possible.

After more than a year of discussions with FlexLink’s Optical Division, the contracts were finalized with the choice of FlexLink’s Vision X® platform. This automated production flow solution would be used to route pallets through the production process. It would be combined with vertical spiral conveyors and FlexLink’s single track XH conveyor for the curing cycle.

Transformation to a state-of-the-art laboratory

Working closely with the customer, FlexLink's application team developed the production concept layouts and made use of the high level of modularity within the Vision X® platform. This enables very compact layouts combined with simplicity in the installation, reliability in operation and minimum support while operating a large installation at a remote location.

Quick, reliable installation and commissioning

The installation was completed in a couple of phases and commissioning was quick due to the concept’s high modularity. Processing more than 200 jobs per hour, the system includes over 140 meters of transportation, 13 Vision X® rotation modules, two spiral elevators and several vertical elevators.

Flexibility and efficiency

The rotation units are the core of the Vision X® program, combining the ability to divert pallets to as many as six different lanes. The option of a vertical axis doubles this possibility and eliminates the need for additional elevators. All the transfers are automated and the same unit is used on the rotation units as in the vertical elevators, thus achieving maximum standardization and minimizing the spare part requirements.

This South American laboratory now has one of the most modern tray handling systems of any laboratory in the world.