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A state-of-the-art dairy factory

ChallengeStainless steel conveyor systems by FlexLink meet the hygienic requirements in cheese production line
To engineer a solution that would fulfill the customer’s demands on hygiene and increased volumes.

Stainless steel conveyor systems that met the hygienic requirements, and an innovative way to place cheese in trays.

A significant increase in capacity along with higher product quality and a better work environment.

Brand new conditions

The customer wanted to make the investment since they had an old factory with low capacity and worn-out equipment. A lot of new orders were received, and they wanted to increase volumes to meet the high demand. They also needed to increase the speed and level of automation, and lower the production costs. Everything would be new – the premises, the process equipment, and the machines.

Communication was key

In this project, where many parameters were being changed at once and with many suppliers involved, excellent communication became a critical factor for success. Discussions covered everything from increased volumes, how the facility was built, how to optimize the production flow, budget constraints, and how many operators they could afford.

From 40 to 140

FlexLink's solution met the strict requirements on hygiene, part of which included installing conveyors in a new zone specifically for the handling of opened and unpackaged cheese. Capacity, which was 35-40 pieces of cheese in the old factory increased to 140 pieces per minute. Furthermore, in meeting the unique needs of this customer, FlexLink arrived at an innovative way of robots placing the cheese in trays.

An investment that has paid off

The investment has led to a higher quality of the products, due to excellent hygiene and cleaning possibilities, as well as a better working environment and a significant increase in capacity. The customer’s investment has made their future brighter and will allow them to be a dairy producer to rely on for many years to come.