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An inter-changeable storage system

The Italian machine builder is a leader in manufacturing machines for filling and packing of chemical, cosmetic and food products. They came to FlexLink Systems S.p.A, to find a mobile puck solution for an important global customer.

Easy and quick change-over of 3 different pucks.

Three mobile storage systems for automatic changeover.

A flexible system with and an automatic emptying/filling function. Introduction of new puck formats easy and time efficient.

Flexibility in production

An American multinational company asked the machine builder to produce a complete solution which, in addition to managing the entire process of filling plastic bottles supported and handled on pucks, would make changing format as simple as possible. At the moment production involves using three types of pucks, each of which has been expressly designed to be able to convey more than one type of product. FlexLink was asked to solve the problem of changing pucks to reflect changes in production.

Mobile storage systems

"One type of puck has always been changed for another one manually" explained the machine builder’s Project Manager.

FlexLink designed the first mobile storage system to make this changeover an automatic process: a double alpine conveyor was produced which holds around 600 pucks of a particular kind. When a change in format is required, the system is able to release the pucks one by one onto the production line, at the same time as filling up with the new type of puck. This all takes place in about 10 minutes of continuous emptying.

“The distinctiveness of this solution lies in its flexibility and the automatic filling function. The two alpine storage systems which have been produced are actually mobile: they have a rectangular welded tubular framework at their base consisting of two wheels and two fixed supports. This allows them to move and then be fixed in place, with the entire conveyor thus becoming a single unit on the stable platform located next to the production line”, concludes the Project Manger.

A secure platform

The mobile platform consists of two tracks and a mobile carriage with which it is manually brought alongside the line with the help of a hand wheel capable of moving a fully-loaded weight of approximately 1500 kg. This is all completely safe for the operator carrying out the manoeuvre and the storage system is then precisely fixed to and aligned with the production system.

New production opportunities

Numerous advantages have been created by this FlexLink solution. The ability to increase the types of pucks by adding new mobile storage systems whenever there is a need to introduce new formats creates advantageous opportunities for the customer who is planning new products. In addition the possibility of moving the unused storage system into a secondary area optimizes the space available next to the production line.

Cloning new storage systems

One of the biggest benefits of the FlexLink mobile conveyor is the ability to standardize the customer’s own storage system: producing new storage systems is actually quick and reliable. In addition a significant reduction in the time spent changing the format of the pucks and in ensuring that the operators in charge of the line run it as efficiently as possible make the FlexLink solution an excellent investment.