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Precision assembly lines


A major international company assigned the production of control modules for hybrid cars to its plant in Budapest, Hungary. FlexLink was chosen as the key supplier for the assembly line.

A successful project

The first project was a complete assembly line for a smaller control module. Assembly steps included glue and paste dispensing, automated visual inspection, automated screwing, press fitting, brazing, and clamping. Together with partners who are experts in these special technologies, FlexLink delivered the project within the agreed time frame and with the highest customer satisfaction.

Full track and trace

The backbone of the system was a pallet-based X85 conveyor from FlexLink. This concept offers the high positioning accuracy required in all process steps, and allows for full track and trace, which was essential on this line. Since the system is based on electronics, the conveyor, the pallets and all the machines had to be ESD safe.

The next step

Based on the good experience of the first line, FlexLink and its partners were asked to supply another line. The product to be assembled was more complex, consisting of many more components. The delivery included 35 workstations include semi-automated screwing, press fitting, electrical contacting, and connecting for press testing. The solution was based on the XT Compact twin track conveyor system which is easy to integrate into machines and offers high reliability.