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Streamlined production flow of cheese

A Polish manufacturer of mould and fresh cheese wanted to improve its packaging lines to decrease total cost, streamline the production flow, as well as improve safety and working conditions.

Incorporating new systems to increase efficiency and decrease cost without damaging the product and while complying with high standards of hygiene.

A three-system solution involving modular stainless steel conveyors, an overhead conveyor and distribution system with gravity chutes, and a system based on wide, modular belt conveyors with sophisticated controls.

Major increases in efficiency and cost savings (e.g. lower power consumption and labor costs). Improved safety level and work conditions in the packing area, with fewer employees required for the packaging process.

High hygiene standards

Three different systems were used to create the solution. The first system was in the clean zone for transporting the cheese from overwrapping machines to a collective packing zone. This area requires high standards on hygiene and at the same time, they must incorporate the combined streams of products from different machines. Damage to the products, for instance, resulting from queuing or blockage needed to be avoided. The solution that was developed is based on a modular stainless steel conveyor system that is easy to clean and gentle on the cheese products.

Overhead elevation

The second system is for the handling of empty cartons from the carton folding machines to the packing stations. This bespoke conveyor solution features stable elevation of the very light cartons for overhead distribution to the packaging stations. At the end, gravity chutes with intelligence then release cartons to the packaging stations according to demand.

End of line

Finally, the third system is for the transportation of packaged cheese from the packaging stations to the central palletizing station. The solution here is based on wide, modular belt conveyors and sophisticated controls. A special tunnel was developed to inhibit thermal exchange between the cold store and the packing area, which is good for hygiene, power consumption and the operators’ working environment.

“The cooperation with FlexLink has been impeccable from the very beginning. Since the moment when the offer was chosen to the completion of the investment, all work was conducted according to the established schedule. The solutions offered by FlexLink unclogged the packing area by introducing the upward system of transportation of the packed products. This improved safety level and work conditions in the packing area. Moreover, it allowed us to reduce the number of people involved in packaging process,” says the company's Project Manager.