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Industry expertise

FlexLink is a company with its roots in manufacturing. Established in 1980, the company emerged from a production efficiency project at SKF, the world-leading bearing manufacturer, and production efficiency is still what drives the company today.

FlexLink has unrivaled experience of many industries – automotive, bearings, electronics, food, lab automation, optical, personal products, pharmaceutical, tissue, and tobacco. This has enabled us to leverage synergies and develop solutions that enhance long-term competitiveness.

A Coesia company

In 2012, FlexLink was acquired by Coesia, an innovation-focused and financially stable global player in advanced automated machinery. This expertise has given FlexLink the global strength to lead businesses through today's unprecedented evolution of change. FlexLink is now able to tap into the vast knowledge of advanced automated machinery that its sister companies possess, while bringing a new dimension to the Coesia Group, via FlexLink's holistic view of the production line efficiency and extensive global network. In the end, these synergies benefit the thousands of customers that we have in common.

A learning organization

FlexLink is a learning organization with a culture that encourages and supports continuous employee learning, critical thinking, risk-taking, and new ideas. Not only does the company invest in the latest machinery to make production more efficient, but in the flow of know-how that sustains its business. In other words, FlexLink thrives on knowledge generation, appropriation, and exploitation.

On-going investments in R&D

At FlexLink, there is a strong focus on proprietary products, such as flexible plastic chain conveyors, function modules, and software. This has enabled the company's cutting-edge, advanced production logistics range to command a strong market position. Other examples are the generation of stainless steel conveyor systems launched in May 2011 and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in GMP-regulated lines. FlexLink invests in solutions that can easily be modified and customized, which is particularly valued in sectors where demand is rapidly changing. FlexLink is always looking for ways to 'think lean' and save time for its customers. The company is also committed to sustainability and investing in solutions with a low environmental impact that increases system efficiency, reduces power consumption, increases the re-usability of equipment, and improves the work environment.

In partnership with customers and suppliers

FlexLink has approximately 80 strategic partners, which make up an extensive international network of system builders, system integrators, and OEM partners who are mutually committed to creating value for the customer. These relationships are long-term commitments based on a profitable business arrangement for both sides, dedicated business partner support, and clear definitions/segmentations. At FlexLink, there is a deep-rooted culture of openness and collaboration at the company and, within different industry segments and geographic areas, we work together with our partners to create the best possible solution for the end customer.