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Automated production flow solutions

From conveyor components to turnkey solutions, FlexLink delivers the automated production flow solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your production processes.

Our solutions minimize non-value-adding operations and bottlenecks and cut throughput time by as much as half. They also reduce total waste and energy consumption per produced unit, which lowers the environmental impact of operations.

With automated production flow solutions from FlexLink, manufacturers’ total cost of ownership is minimized via the following improvements.

Increasing the sellable throughput

  • Eliminating bottlenecks by balancing the production flow
  • Improving quality assurance, increasing yield and product safety
  • Minimizing process waiting time
  • Reducing change over time, which increases line flexibility and available production capacity

Reducing operational costs

  • Minimizing non-value-adding operations
  • Lowering power consumption per produced unit
  • Reducing manual handling and administration
  • Space efficient solutions, i.e., more capacity per factory m²
  • After sales services aimed at reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Reducing capital employed

  • Lowering stocks of finished goods
  • Reducing work-in-process (WIP)
  • Better utilization of factory floor