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About FoodTech

FoodTech is the intersection of food and technology, aiming to provide applications that improve food production. FlexLink has almost 40 years of experience delivering turn-key solutions to the food industry, and is the perfect partner when facing your production challenges.

We are world-class factory automation experts within the food industry. Working closely with customers, we provide innovative, automated solutions to produce goods smarter, safer and at lower operating costs. With a dedicated FoodTech team, we support the industry directly in over 31 countries and are represented in more than 60.

We offer a payback time of less than six months compared to other alternatives!

OEE increase
Minimum 1% increased OEE through excellent product and technical solutions
Cleaning results
Consistent results and reduced number of re-cleans by up to 90%
Ramp-up time
Gain 2% higher throughput by minimum 1 week shorter ramp-up time
Floor space
Save 20–40%
Cleaning time
Minimum 25% reduced cleaning time