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Consistent cleaning results

We help you reduce the number of re-cleans by up to 90%. The importance of a clean, hygienic production environment increases considerably when handling un-packed food in wet and even dry environments. Failure to meet these requirements can result in extreme consequences such as a product recall or even worse, consumer illness, which would have a major impact on both brand image and bottom line. Food processors rely on high hygienic standards in their processes to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in products. The consumer demands for longer shelf-life and more natural products increase the potential for microbial contamination in food products, if the high hygienic standards are not maintained.

The efficiency with which cleaning can be carried out is a major contributing factor to the production line’s downtime. If cleaning has to be repeated it can have a negative impact on the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The ability to easily clean and inspect all areas of equipment without any heavy lifts or pinch points contributes to a consistent result.

How we do it

Hygienic design of production equipment

  • No horizontal surfaces
  • Effective drainage
  • No cavities or hollow bodies

Operator convenience

  • Easy to access all areas for cleaning and inspection
  • No heavy lifts

Read more in our customer case how we succeeded to reduce the number of re-cleans by 90% at a pancake producer, as well as double the volume without compromising on hygiene and flexibility.