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Save floor space

Clever line design and compact equipment can reduce the floor space needed for a production line by 20 to 40%, allowing you to add more production capacity. Additionally, operators are highly favored by an open floor space in terms of accessibility and safety. Compact and modular production equipment allow you to more easily relocate a production line, or even redesign it completely.

When designing production equipment it is important to keep boundaries as compact as possible, avoiding any kind of element that stands out and can become a hazard for the operator. Another manner is to free up floor space by moving production away from the factory floor and up above the operators and machines.

FlexLink offers a wide range of elevators for lighter products which are compact, gentle, and continuous. Spirals, wedge conveyors and alpine conveyors can simply elevate the products, and in some cases also accumulate them. Together with FlexLink´s FoodTech engineers we decide the best suitable solution for you, considering capacity, space available, height difference and features needed.

Not all products and types of production are suitable for elevated transportation. An important aspect is the product handling at 2-3 meters height. Transfers needs to be smooth, the risk of jams absolutely minimized and any kind of adjustment will be more difficult. FlexLink have all the necessary accessories for a smooth production flow including automatic guide rail adjustment for multiproduct lines.

Read the customer case to learn how: ”Elevating the conveyors made a big difference in our narrow premises. The available floor space got much bigger, actually bigger than expected.” says a Technical Manager from one of the largest milk producers in Sweden.