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We improve your food production

Is your line designed and optimized for the highest possible efficiency? With FlexLink´s FoodTech offer we aim to increase your OEE by minimum 1% and achieve a faster ROI with a smart, automated solution to your production.

A food production line in the manufacturing industry needs to live up to various demands and expectations. There is a predominant need to increase efficiency and improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within the production industry. It is common, when investing in a new production line to focus mainly on the purchase of the machines. Linking the processes together as a complete line, is not given the same priority. A well designed, balanced and automated production flow is required to achieve maximum output, to ensure that any investment is protected.

Applying the right technology with a smart mindset will result in a fast, stable and accurate production flow. This highly contributes to the reduction of production time and the cost of manufactured products. The use of automated production lines significantly minimizes human errors, ensuring output consistency as well as quality.

Consumer markets continue to push manufacturers and machine producers to adapt to new technology and processes to achieve the highest levels of OEE. For almost 40 years, our solutions have enabled manufacturers, machine providers and system integrators to take control of production efficiency. Our solutions are based on genuine industry know-how and high quality.

Factory automation solutions from FlexLink increase the overall efficiency by minimizing throughput time and non-value adding operations. Our solutions are reconfigurable, reusable and require minimal maintenance, with low power consumption. They can easily adapt to fluctuations in demand, and make the implementation of continuous improvements and introduction of new products (NPI) easy. The effects are improved product and delivery responsiveness, leading to a significant competitive edge.

How we increase your OEE

Balanced production flow

  • Customer order driven
  • Flexible
  • Consistent performance

Compact solutions

  • Optimized floor space utilization
  • Increased operator accessibility
  • Simplified replenishment of consumables

High availability

  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy and fast to clean, with consistent results

Improve production time

  • Quick to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Robust design

Trouble-free operation

  • Long service life
  • Low wear
  • Standardization

Best practices

  • Short ramp-up time
  • Global distribution and support


  • Low water and detergent consumption
  • Low power consumption
  • Operator safety

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