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Battery manufacturing automation equipment

FlexLink is a leading manufacturer of conveyors and manufacturing automation equipment for electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers and other heavy battery production operations. FlexLink offers a wide range of battery manufacturing conveyors and electric vehicle components manufacturing equipment for:

  • Battery cell handling
  • Battery case handling
  • Jelly roll and assembly process
  • Battery leakage test, aging, and curing
  • Battery activating and charging processes
  • Battery module assembly
  • Battery logistics packing or module assembly
  • Inverter AC/DC converter manufacturing
  • Electric motor assembly
  • Handling other heavy products 

We boost your battery production - efficient, flexible, scalable at low TCO

FlexLink delivers solutions that increase the efficiency of production flow and processes from conveyor components to turn-key solutions. The high level of standardization enables quick response and delivery times, as well as a high grade of scalability and flexibility.

EV battery manufacturing solutions

  • Intelligent, single-piece flow applications can be created by combining a carrier system with line control. The result is a controllable process characterized by standardized, continuous flow, minimized work-in-progress (WIP), and high throughput. 
  • Heavy loads can be managed with a twin-track conveyor, which is fully digitized and prepared for traceability requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The standardized modules with pre-defined control logics shorten design and installation time, reducing time-to-market. 
  • FlexLink's production monitoring software tracks Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) focusing on improving factory utilization, visibility, and production control. 

Our offer of a highly standardized and integrated technology platform provides many advantages. It is comprised of hardware, software, IT, and services blended with strong know-how, delivering flexibility and sustainability in battery production.

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