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Efficient flow, controlled quality

In the bearings industry, there are several keys factors to success and with FlexLink’s solutions, here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.

Minimal down time and quick resetting time

FlexLink has over 30 years’ experience in the bearings industry. Our conveyor and handling solutions for transportation of rings, rollers and complete bearings directly on chain are robust and require low maintenance, assuring high uptime and long MTBF. Flexibility and modularity also make adaption to production line changes easy.

Optimized through-put time and cost reduction

We help you to organize an optimal utilization of all machines and available resources to significantly enhance overall line efficiency. Based on your needs, we add the appropriate controls and information systems to the line – from line control or OEE efficiency package to full blown MES with track and trace and quality assurance.

Reducing total cost of ownership

FlexLink’s efficient solutions with low operating costs have a significant impact on total cost of ownership. Because of the lean design of the line, there are fewer production disturbances, less maintenance and a longer service life, all of which lower TCO. Higher speeds and capacities give increased throughput and reduced cost per produced unit as well.

FlexLink solutions in the bearing industry

  • Transportation of rings, rollers and complete bearings directly on chain or on pallet
  • Experience in handling DGBB, SRB, CRB, TRB or TBU types
  • Integrator of third party equipment like hardness testers, inspection, measuring and vision system
  • MES with track and trace and quality assurance.