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Next generation conveyor system for the tissue industry

Tissue converting lines share the issue of heavy dust generation which creates well known problems for machinery and equipment. FlexLink have developed a new conveyor designed to cope with these conditions and which practically eliminates unplanned stops and excessive maintenance. The new solution is displayed at MIAC, a leading Italian tissue exhibition, in Lucca on October 14-15th.

High line efficiency with predictable output demands equipment with high performance, requiring a minimum of maintenance. In the tissue industry, the conveyor systems play an important role connecting the steps from cutting of the logs to the packaging and end-of-line operations.  

FlexLink have developed a new conveyor platform, X65Y, specifically designed to meet the tough demands from the tissue converting processes. The design is robust and allows the paper dust to easily evacuate from inside the beam, a well-known problem for tissue converters. The result is a substantial reduction of stops and increased uptime of the converting lines. In addition, new transfer units have been developed for connecting the flow between conveyors and equipment, a critical point especially when it comes to rolls with a short cut length. 

Perfectly balanced flow – high throughput

Visitors will also be shown the DMT™ (Dynamic Motion Transfer) and other unique technologies of FlexLink for the balancing of high capacity converting flows. Combining the DMT™ technology solutions with other solutions from FlexLink such as such as dynamic speed control, a perfectly balanced and pull based flow is achieved enabling the highest process throughput. 
FlexLink offers turnkey solutions including pre-studies, solutions design, layouts, integration and after sales services. At the booth, 3D production flow simulations will be demonstrated – a given tool for early verification of the systems design and capacity.

"The new X65Y conveyor platform has been thoroughly tested at key users on all continents and proven its capability, substantially increasing line uptime. The typical dust related problems are practically eliminated. We are currently working on several businesses including conveyor systems based on X65Y and the DMT solution for seamless balancing of high capacity converting flows. We look forward sharing our ideas with the tissue industry at MIAC” comments Hans Östergren, manager of FlexLink’s Tissue business unit