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New product: Smart conveyor for heavy loads

FlexLink presents its new smart, twin-track conveyor for heavy loads. It transports up to 200 kg per pallet, offers up to 10% more production time and is an all-electrical solution. The new conveyor is delivered in pre-assembled, standardized modules, including pre-defined control logics shortening configuration and installation time.

The twin-track conveyor is robust and includes a variety of standardized tools that allow you to create a smart production flow. It is designed for single digit Meantime To Repair (MTTR) and with a Meantime Between Failure (MTBF) of over two years.

A smart solution

The new system is fully digitalized allowing easy data acquisition. The data is used in FlexLink’s tools for line optimization and predictive maintenance. The conveyor platform is also included in FlexLink’s tool for line design and simulation. The twin-track conveyor for heavy loads comes with pre-installed as well as pre-defined logics which heavily reduce the need for PLC programming. It offers easy-to-use routing and track-and-trace software applications which allows advanced material flow to be configured rather than programmed.

All-electrical, durable design

The solution is all-electrical, offering a low noise level. It has a robust and service friendly design with low wear, enabled by components such as low friction steel roller chains that drive the pallets.

It has high connectivity and is equipped with smart motors which not only cut excessive working time, but also unnecessary wear and energy savings of up to 50%. All in all, this provides you with a durable solution and a meantime between failure of 12.000 working hours.

Double speed zones

In order to increase available production, the twin-track is equipped with double speed zones that shorten pallet change-over time by up to 50%. The pallet leaves the process point with a speed boost thus reducing the waiting time between pallets leaving and arriving at the next process point increasing production by up to 10%.