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The smart X45 interface

FlexLink now launches an intelligent network interface for X45 with embedded controller, complementing previous X45 systems and allowing communication between drive units as well as function units.

The new interface has an increased number of network possibilities and adds intelligence to the motors by embedded controls which, enables local decisions directly down to the drive unit. It reduces the need for other complementary modules as well as programming in favor of easy configuration.

The new smart interface enables X45 (24 Volt) drive and function motors to communicate their activity and the information they get from sensors, increasing the production line autonomy. The communication of the energy-saving interface offers the possibility for data collection as well as predictive maintenance. It is compatible with both EtherNet/IP and Profinet, equipped with eight in-connectors and four out-connectors. Added is also a mini-USB connector for easy setup with a standard cable to your PC.

The communication between drive units strongly reduces both the importance and size of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and thereby also the amount of cabling. Programming is at large replaced by configurations, which easily can be done in the parameter setting tool.

It is compatible with X45C as well as X45e, making it a strong addition to the X45 puck handling systems, its many functions, but also production lines with speed control.

The new interface is a part of the FlexLink controls system, giving the customer the opportunity to create a smarter and more autonomous production line with increased possibilities.


  • 2 × M12 standard Ethernet connectors for EtherNet/IP or Profinet

  • 4 × M12 connectors. 2 Digital In and 1 Digital Out on each

  • Standard mini-USB connector for easy PC connection

  • Status LED-lights that are visible from both front and side

  • Upgraded processor and EEPROM


The X45 is a slim plug-and-play conveyor platform for small products including X45C, the light weight system, X45H the high capacity system and the puck handling function system; X45e. The several puck handling functions such as diverters, mergers, stops and transfers are given expanded possibilities with the new control interface. The system’s characteristics makes it suitable for products such as batteries, pharma, smaller bearings, electronics and cosmetics.