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Youtilize® – The toolbox for higher production efficiency

FlexLink's latest tool for higher efficiency in production systems is Youtilize® – a toolbox that provides complete control over production processes and supports the factory's improvement efforts.

The Youtilize® suite is available in three levels: Service Monitoring (SM), Production Monitoring (PM) and Factory Control (FC). Thanks to its standardized, modular design, the system is scalable to the size and level needed, even when demands change over time.

Service Monitoring

With Youtilize® Service Monitoring, the factories’ maintenance and operations personnel obtain direct information about the conveyor system's availability, speed, uptime and energy consumption. Using statistics, it is then possible to plan preventive maintenance with precision, thus minimizing unplanned interruptions and improving actual performance.

Production Monitoring

By measuring the production flow and collecting data from machinery and equipment, the line's efficiency is calculated in real time. Production data, such as OEE, average cycle times, utilization and yield are shown and it is possible to automatically create and send reports. Youtilize® Production Monitoring is the ideal tool for production management teams and continual improvement activities, such as identifying and releasing bottlenecks and achieving a higher production throughput

Factory Control 

Youtilize® Factory Control has MES functionality allowing full process control and a paperless shop floor. Factory Control's main components are traceability functionality and routing of products, along with carriers, such as pucks and pallets. The system communicates process data with machinery and instructions to the operators in accordance to the specifications. Youtilize® Factory Control works as an interface and communicates to most common business systems.