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Montrac monorail

Montrac monorail can be used wherever material has to be moved, distributed, processed stepwise (e.g. assembled) or collected together at one point from various senders.

Product range

Montrac monorail system and Montrac monorail for cleanrooms.
Pallet sizes up to 300×550 mm. Maximum load on pallet up to 24 kg.

Modular monorail system

Montrac is a monorail conveying system with self-propelling shuttles (workpiece holder), constructed to carry loads of up to 12 kg or 24 kg (2-axle shuttle) and pallet sizes up to 300×550 mm.

Standardized components

Montrac is a modular system. Standardized basic components enable customer-specific system configurations to be set up for connection to machining stations, machines, order-picking stations, etc.

Note! This offer is available in the United States only

Montrac Cleanroom Monorail

The Montrac conveyor system, which contains only components with electric drives, is by default designed for clean room class ISO 5 and ISO 4.

Uses of Montrac in a clean room range from the production of sensitive products, such as hard drives and wafers, to the transport of pharmaceuticals and plastic containers for medical applications.

Montrac is suitable even in highly complex production, where various products are manufactured in chaotic sequence. A Montrac system is also appropriate for applications with different clean rooms.

FlexLink has an exclusivity contract for all clean room applications with the Montrac conveyor system.

Electrically driven components

The switches and crossings run on electricity. This eliminates the need for pneumatic components and their connections. The power is supplied directly via bus bars, thus, the system needs little or no wiring. An additional current collector can supply power to the work pieces on shuttles in transit, for example for testing purposes or for commissioning operating systems.

A carefree system

The shuttle is driven by a brushless DC motor and can be removed quickly and easily from the production without stopping the system. All ball bearings are closed and permanently lubricated. The components are preset and meet both EMC and ESD requirements.
Montrac Monorail conveyors
Montrac Monorail conveyors