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Elevating solutions

When elevating your production flow, valuable floor space is reclaimed. This allows you to add more production capacity or increase the accessibility for your operators. For the food and dairy industries wedge elevators and incline conveyors are available in stainless steel. Our experts supports your choice of the optimal elevation solution, based on the throughput, processes involved and features of the products as they appear in the line.

Incline conveyor

The incline conveyor in stainless steel is designed for single or multiple lane elevation. Our stainless steel conveyors are robust, easy to clean and designed for easy operations. The incline solution provides gentle handling of sensitive product and is easy to adjust for different products sizes.

Wedge conveyors

A stainless steel wedge conveyor uses two conveyor tracks facing each other to provide fast and gentle transport, horizontally and vertically. Wedge conveyors are suitable for high production rates and are designed to free up floor space. The stainless wedge conveyors can be connected in series, to create a bridge where operators or fork lifts can pass under.