Palletizing robots automate complex and labor intense processes

Palletizing to simplify complex processes

Smooth automation in all industries with FlexLink's robotic palletizing solutions

Palletizing as the easy and economic way of crossing the finish-line

Palletizing means moving products from the production line to a pallet for shipping or storage. The trick is to stack the cartons optimally to maximize the volume on the pallet while being sturdy enough not to shift, tip over or crush each other. Robotic palletizers from FlexLink automate the palletizing process with industrial and collaborative robots.

Customers all over the world acknowledged our palletizers:

  • Safety
  • Ease of use
  • Compact footprint
  • Accessibility

End-of-line optimization with automated palletizing

Our turn-key robotic solutions have two pallet positions for continuous workflow. They are best suited for palletizing cartons, trays, bags, or individual products.

Highest mobility and easy configuration allow the use of our palletizers in all industries. The compact design ensures maximum flexibility and good process integration when using palletizers in your production.

Our palletizing robots guarantee smooth automation of industrial processes. They can also take over products directly from an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). The simple design, user-friendly initial startup, and intuitive operation of the easy-to-use control system guarantee a stable and smooth automation process.

Automated palletizing with FlexLink palletizers reduces the workload of your employees. Using robotic palletizing solutions enables you to achieve effective and sustainable benefits by fully automating physically demanding and time-consuming tasks.

End-of-line optimization with automated palletizing
Robotic palletizers to simplify complex processes

Palletizers to simplify complex processes

Designed to palletize with consistent quality and precision, FlexLink offers four options suitable for palletizing closed boxes within fast-moving consumer goods industries: a palletizer with an industrial robot, the RI20, and three collaborative robots RC10, RC12 and RC14.

Even with the ability to handle payloads of up to 15kg at 12 cycles per minute, our industrial robotic solutions have no mainframe attached to the floor. FlexLink’s mobile robotic solutions are suitable for use in multiple production lines.

Our collaborative robot palletizers are designed to work alongside personnel. It works without a fence or cage surrounding it. If an operator comes into contact with the robot arm, it automatically stops to minimize the risk of injury.

Customer benefits of robotic palletizing solutions

  • Handle high payloads
  • Fast handling and high throughput
  • Tight and stable stacking
  • Mobile for use in multiple production lines
  • Highest operator safety
  • Straightforward set-up and user-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop configuration 
  • Data collection package and predictive maintenance available 

Simplifies complexity

The RI20 palletizing cell with an industrial robot arm simplifies all the complex processes of a traditional palletizer.

The palletizer is compact, mobile and adapts easily to production changes, whether for a new recipe or a different line location. The unit is suitable for palletizing closed boxes within fast-moving consumer goods industries. The easy-to-use unit is the latest addition to FlexLink`s robotics offer with unique hardware and software interface for trouble-free operations.

Key benefits

  • Safe coexistence and continuous operations: Increases production capacity by up to 5%.
  • Easy to integrate and 50% faster to relocate: Enables flexible production planning.
  • Simplifies all complex processes of a palletizer: No advanced programming or skills needed.
  • Quick to configure and troubleshoot: Reduction in downtime and repair time savings.
  • Short lead time and global support.


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Easy palletizing with collaborative robots

The standardized RC10, RC12, RC14 palletizing cells from FlexLink are compact, quick to install and easy to configure. The use of a collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint, by over 50% compared to cells with industrial robots.


  • Compact, modular and easy to move
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Collaborative and continuous operations
  • Safe and low operating cost
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