Plastic chain conveyors with a modular approach

Plastic chain conveyors with a modular approach

Get the right solution for your individual production automation needs

Chain conveyor systems for high variety of product types and shapes

FlexLink has extensive experience with plastic chain conveyors through researching, developing, manufacturing and installing such systems. All conveyor systems are thoroughly tried and tested to ensure you get a system with long service life and low maintenance.

Our conveyors work perfectly to transfer naked or raw but also packed products, e.g., in boxes, packs, bricks, pouches, flow packs, jars, pots, trays, bags, bottles and vials. The conveyed products can vary from a few grams up to 30 kg. Different shapes are also possible.

Plastic chain conveyor systems

The conveyor systems are based on a close-fitting, multiflex plastic chain conveyor that gives a straight, horizontal and vertical running capability. Tight horizontal bends allow routing close to machines, saving floor space. Tight vertical bends also save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and making access easy for operators.

A wide range of plastic conveyor systems

We supply nine different plastic chain conveyor systems (six aluminum and three stainless steel) with four sets of conveyor equipment for pallet systems (single and twin track). All are easy to assemble with standard hand tools to quickly get your chosen conveyor system up and running.

Standard conveyor components

Individual components are anodized aluminum and plastic giving a clean and attractive result. In addition, the components are standard, meaning they are always in stock and you get quick maintenance and easily made modifications.

Plastic chain conveyor systems
Aluminum conveyor systems

Aluminum conveyor systems – a modular approach based on aluminum conveyor beams

The robust plastic chain conveyors from FlexLink are based on an aluminum conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain. The modular approach of the different plastic chain conveyor systems makes it easy to configure your solution. You can choose from various product lines that offer chain widths from 43 mm to 295 mm. Each product line has a wide range of modular components and accessories from which you can choose. Since it’s a modular design, it will be easy to integrate and rebuild with existing production lines, machines, and stainless steel conveyor systems.

Customer advantages

  • Modular approach – easy to create your basic solution
  • Configurable –add options/accessories to streamline your solution
  • Easy to assemble – large variety of components quickly built up to solutions that meet your specific requirements
  • Easy to rearrange – aluminum-based beams allow straightforward adjustments
  • Low maintenance – quality products and low need for wear parts


Plastic chain conveyors with stainless steel beams for hygienic requirements

The importance of a clean, hygienic production environment increases considerably when handling unpacked food and other sterile or clean-room products. Failure to meet these requirements can result in extreme measures such as a product recall or even worse outcomes such as consumer illness, which would significantly impact both brand image and the bottom line. Only high hygienic standards in production processes prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in products. 

A toolbox for clean and safe production

FlexLink's comprehensive toolbox of solutions efficiently handles a wide range of product sizes and types. Standard handling functions available include cleaning solutions, clamp stops, and transfer bridges.

Focus on simplicity

When considering line design, the simplicity of a lean interior reduces the time needed to clean the line and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Without crevices for contaminants such as crumbs to fall into and with easy operator access for cleaning, the line starts with high levels of cleanliness that are easier to maintain. Transporting products from primary packaging through to the end of the line, FlexLink provides a clean, simple line layout, following HACCP guidelines. 

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Advantages of stainless steel solutions

Advantages of stainless steel solutions

Stainless steel is stronger and more resistant to surface damage, making it a superior choice when effective cleaning and sanitizing are highly prioritized. Stainless steel is more hygienic and washable to follow current standards and regulations like EHEDG and 3-A SSI. Even over a more extended time, hygienic conveyors need to withstand water and detergents or disinfectants. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode and requires no replacement due to abrasion. 

Our stainless steel conveyors ensure a repeatable and consistent cleaning result. The ease of cleaning also reduces downtime and overall costs, positively impacting the bottom line. A crevice-and cavity-free design eliminates most of the areas that are difficult to clean. Our design ensures small contact surfaces between parts and no open threads, sharp corners, or flat horizontal surfaces.

Customer benefits

  • High uptime - easy assembly and installation
  • Reduced downtime - easy maintenance
  • Modular and compact design - easy engineering and flexible line configurations
  • Robust design – high sturdiness and torsion resistance
  • Quick and easy cleaning – lean interior, Clean-In-Place (CIP) solutions and chain washers
  • Operator and product safety – innovative chain design, no pinch points and low noise