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Introducing ADMV as a FlexLink sub-brand

Since 1986, French special machinery manufacturer ADMV is recognized for its product handling machinery and robotic solutions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. FlexLink joined forces with ADMV in 2016, merging sales efforts and increasing the joint scope of business. During the past five years, FlexLink and the ADMV team have successfully collaborated on special projects and new product developments, especially for collaborative robotics. To diversify the company’s offer and further strengthen customer relationships, ADMV will be operating as an expert brand focused on Beginning-of-Line and In-Line applications. Therefore, ADMV is being positioned as a FlexLink sub-brand starting at the beginning of 2021.

Deep domain expertise and a high level of modularity  

Based in Crémieu, near Lyon in France, the ADMV team designs and manufactures feeding machines including bulk feeders and step elevators, handling and assembly machines as well as robotic applications.

The machines ensure gentle product handling, avoid unnecessary accumulation and enable seamless speed changes. A high degree of modularity and flexibility allows line modifications to quickly adapt to production changes and shorten time-to-market.
To learn more, visit admv.fr