BRIXX® is a modular click-and-play packing solution for packing and co-packing

BRIXX - Automate your packing operations

A modular click-and-play packing solution for packing and co-packing

Automate your packing operations

BRIXX® is a new, modular click-and-play solution that revolutionizes packing automation. The innovative system combines intuitive software with advanced mobile conveyors and robots, seamlessly automating repetitive manual tasks in packing and co-packing processes.

This unique design by FlexLink offers a highly adaptable solution for the variability of products, packs, cartons, or trays. It easily scales to meet production capacity requirements, making BRIXX® an affordable and user-friendly option for businesses.

Experience seamless line design, operations, and fleet management with its intuitive software, ensuring efficient handling of seasonal peak productions.

Challenges for packing operations

Today, customers want more unique and personalized products, which leads to a greater variety of products needing to be made and delivered in various formats. This creates growing challenges for manufacturers, brand owners, and service providers involved in packaging, co-packing, storage, and transportation, especially during busy seasons.

Furthermore, the lack of resources and rising costs require new solutions to automate processes, free up employees, and boost efficiency.

BRIXX® Applications

The versatile BRIXX® modules can perform a wide range of tasks using the same hardware and software. Production companies or co-packers can automate various product-related processes, such as picking and placing items, mixing, labeling, re-labeling, stacking on pallets, or removing from pallets, to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Additional processes, like forming cases, creating trays, and closing cartons, are also available as options.

Growing challenges for manufacturers, brand owners, and service providers involved in packaging and co-packing.
Features of conveyor and robot modules

Features of conveyor and robot modules

  • Safe, clean, and ergonomic design
  • Easy to move, connect and supply with power
  • Large variety of product handling applications
  • Visual indication of operational status
  • Collaborative robot without any programming effort
  • Vision system embedded and automatic calibration
  • Single power connection for multiple modules

BRIXX® software features

  • Intuitive built-in SKU management with a selector guide
  • Drag and drop functionality for easy layout design
  • Step-by-step visual instruction for line configuration
  • Real-time production monitoring with OEE indicators and alarms
  • Remote assistance packages are available
  • Preventive maintenance planning integrated into the HMI




BRIXX® is based on intuitive software for easy and fast layout design. The conveyor and robot modules can be unplugged and re-arranged according to new layouts. The changeover and programming of new lines can be done in only a few minutes.

High flexibility

High flexibility

Several product transformations are possible with the same system. It can be integrated or added to packing stations or machines. Additional hardware accessories (e.g., vision control, grippers) give an extended functionality for the applications to handle a wide range of products.

Wide scalability

Wide Scalability

The BRIXX® system can be extended by adding more modules to adapt to seasonal peak times. Complete line layouts can be cloned to increase the throughput.

BRIXX® is easy-to-operate, highly flexible and scalable to meet all packing line requirements.
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