X45 Plastic Chain Conveyors

FlexLink's X45 conveyor system is very compact and robust for handling small and light products.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Aluminum Conveyor Systems
  • INDUSTRY: Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Personal Care, Tobacco, Food, Tea & Coffee, Tissue & Hygiene, Industrial Goods, Automotive & Racing


​The multi-flexing X45 plastic chain conveyor system with an aluminum beam permits horizontal and vertical distribution of products. The conveying system's tight vertical bends save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and making access easy for operators.

The standard conveyor chain width is 45 mm, and the conveyed products vary from a few grams up to 8 kg in many shapes. The collection of standard components guarantees the design of a customized conveyor solution with a fast delivery time.

The conveyor can be configured with a suitable chain according to the production requirements, e.g. temperature, strength, etc. 

Technical Documents:

X45 Plastic Chain Conveyor

Detailed Info

Packaging features
Packaging TypeAsymmetric, rectangular, round, symmetric
Packaging typePharmaceutical bottles, perfume bottles, small products, small packages
Product features
Product stateClean, dirty, dry, wet
Product range
Max product width (mm)100
Min product width (mm)10
Production environment
Environment typeDry, ESD (X45C)
Operating temperature (°C)-20 to +60
Max speed (m/min)60
Other technical features
Chain typePlain chain (different types), friction top (different types), flexible cleat chain