A new, modular, click-and-play solution based on an intuitive software.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Robotic Picking Systems
  • Secteur: Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Home Care, Tobacco, Pharma & Healthcare, Ecommerce, Automotive & Racing


BRIXX® is a new, modular, click-and-play solution based on an intuitive software to reduce the manual operations and allow quick transformations for co-packing lines. Based on advanced, mobile conveyors and robots to automate manual repetitive packing and co-packing processes.
This unique design by FlexLink is a solution to automate currently manual packing operations through a flexible system adapting to the variability of products, packs, cartons, or trays. It is scalable according to production capacity needs, affordable and easy-to-use.
It is controlled by an intuitive software for line design and operations, as well as fleet management allowing to manage seasonal peak productions.
The flexible combination of BRIXX® modules enables a wide range of operations with the same hardware and software. Production companies or co-packers can automate product transformations such as pick-and-place, mixing, labeling, re-labeling, palletizing or de-palletizing for increased productivity and efficiency. More product transformations such as case forming, tray forming, and carton closing are optionally available.

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Detailed Info

Encombrement :
Machine depth (mm)1690
Machine height (mm)3000
Longueur [mm] :3200
Machine weight (kg)376
Value proposition
Value propositionBreakthrough innovationVision X® is a modular, compact and energy efficient twin-track tray handling system. Full layouts can easily be configured with just a few standard modules, requiring minimum set up and installation time. The system is all electric with 24v DC intelligent motors and no pneumatics are used. You can automatically balance the lab workload using the Smart Routing": an intelligent, automatic routing of trays to the correct machines based on prescription parameters. The system automatically connects with Rx software databases and routes the job according to specific characteristics: lens shape, prescription type, material composition, digital or conventional processing requirements, coating type etc.

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