WK Modular Belt Conveyor

The wide belt conveyor system WK permits effective transport and accumulation with a belt width up to 1200 mm.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Aluminum Conveyor Systems
  • INDUSTRY: Beverage, Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Home Care, Personal Care, Tobacco, Food, Dairy, Tea & Coffee, Tissue & Hygiene, Pet Care, Industrial Goods, Luxury Goods, Automotive & Racing


​The WK modular wide belt conveyor is highly suitable when the production requires horizontal transport between case packers, cartoners, in-case fillers, shrink/stretch wrappers, or bulk packers.

Modular plastic belt conveyor widths range from 150 to 1200 mm fitted in an aluminum beam.

The added advantage of a side-flexing wide belt (up to 1200 mm) permits effective transport and accumulation in several different configurations.

The plastic belt surface ensures safe and gentle transport of the conveyed goods. A high-friction belt for vertical ascents is available as an option. The fine mesh pattern of the chain minimizes the risk of jamming or tearing goods that are being transported and improves operator safety. 

Technical Documents:

WK Modular Belt Conveyor

Detailed Info

Packaging features
Packaging TypeAsymmetric, rectangular, round, symmetric
Packaging typeSecondary packaging of food and hygiene products, pouches, shrink wrapped products, card board boxes, plastic containers
Product features
Product stateClean, dirty, dry, wet
Product range
Max product width (mm)1200
Min product width (mm)10
Production environment
Environment typeDry, wet
Operating temperature (°C)-20 to +40
Max speed (m/min)40
Other technical features
Chain typePlain belt (Acetal)