GENIUS - PCB Handling System

The GENIUS line is a complete range of modules to provide transport, accumulation, handling and routing alternatives.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: PCB Handling
  • INDUSTRY: Electronics, Industrial Goods, Automotive & Racing


​Thanks to the standardized design, the Genius PCB handling system is exceptionally flexible and can be used in any PCB production line.

The GENIUS range has a wide variety of functions. The complete board handling system features automatic width adjustment and a SMEMA interface.

FlexLink has a wide range of markers suitable in applications where products need an identification mark for tracking or recognition. The laser cell can mark on all types of non-metallic surfaces, including plastic and FR4 PC Board.

Technical Documents:

Genius PCB Handling System

Detailed Info

Packaging features
Packaging TypeAsymmetric, rectangular, round, symmetric
Packaging typeAll products and materials that fits on the pallet
Product range
Max product width (mm)522
Min product width (mm)80