RC14 Collaborative Palletizing

New collaborative and intuitive palletizer, which needs no fence or cage surrounding it.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Palletizing
  • INDUSTRY: Tobacco, Food, Dairy, Tea & Coffee, Tissue & Hygiene, Pet Care, Industrial Goods, Luxury Goods, Personal Care, Automotive & Racing, Beverage, Electronics, Pharma & Healthcare, Home Care


​​A collaborative robot palletizer, the RC14 handles payloads of up to 12kg at twelve boxes per minute. Without a fence or cage surrounding it, the small footprint gives flexibility in its location.

Following ISO standard TS 15066 for robots, the RC14 is designed to work alongside personnel; if an operator comes into contact with the robot arm, it will automatically stop to reduce the risk of injury.

Robot Config software allows the operator to quickly design a new pallet pattern or load an existing one, including interlayers and adjustments for label location. The drag-and-drop tool eliminates design errors and takes less than 10 minutes to create the first configuration. It eliminates the need for programming or training.

Technical Documents:


Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)1690
Machine height (mm)3000
Machine length (mm)3335
Machine weight (kg)350
Operating modeContinuous
Max speed (m/min)12
Packaging features
Packaging materialCarton, interlayers
Packaging typeBoxes
Other technical features
Robot brandOmron

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