Great people delivering innovative solutions

FlexLink is an agile and learning organization

We are an agile and learning organization

FlexLink is a learning organization with a culture that encourages and supports continuous learning, critical thinking, risk-taking, and new ideas of everyone in the company. We do not only invest in the latest machinery to make production more efficient but in the flow of know-how that sustains its business. In other words, FlexLink thrives on knowledge generation, appropriation, and exploitation.

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Space for innovation

Where do ideas come from? Driven by innovation, we provide factory automation that transforms production to smart flow. With a presence all over the world and more than 1,100 employees, we offer a truly international workplace.

Global leader with local engagement

FlexLink looks ahead

Technological innovation and continuous development are the reasons behind our global leadership and the long history of success of the company.

FlexLink speaks many languages

For our employees, we design training and development courses that result in experiences and professional opportunities in 30 countries in which we are present today. From Asia to South America, from Europe to North America, FlexLink is international.

FlexLink is never too far away

We combine global presence and local initiatives, as social responsibility projects, partnerships with schools and universities, and the deep-rooted connection between individual companies and the areas where we are based, all bear witness.

Global leader with local engagement
FlexLink takes care of its talents

Focused on individual development

FlexLink takes care of its talents

The development plans, firmly founded on the recognition of merit and the enhancement of skills, provide the possibility to expand people's professional horizons through opportunities in different roles, functions, and countries.

FlexLink invests in you 

We continually seek brilliant employees, offering courses articulated into personalized and structured training aimed at skill development.

A Coesia company

Coesia, an innovation-focused and financially stable global player in advanced automated machinery, acquired FlexLink in 2012. This expertise has given FlexLink the global strength to lead businesses through today's unprecedented evolution of change. FlexLink can now tap into the vast knowledge of advanced automated machinery that its sister companies possess while bringing a new dimension to the Coesia Group via FlexLink's holistic view of the production line efficiency and extensive global network. In the end, these synergies benefit the thousands of customers that we have in common.

A Coesia Company