FlexLink is ready for the digital future of manufacturing


Get ready for the digital future of manufacturing

We are ready for the digital future of manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is going through major changes due to digital transformation. Therefore, to remain future-proof and competitive, manufacturing companies and brand owners must cope with complex and innovative changes in their production line. 

Invest in the right automation technologies at the right time

Preliminary technical studies, also called pre-studies, help you analyze your production, identify potential improvements and define how new technology innovations can help improve your production results. 

Why conducting a technical pre-study?

The intention of a technical pre-study in the manufacturing industry is to analyze production to define alternative technical solutions that can help improve production efficiency. Pre-studies are usually conducted by an external actor that can objectively examine the production. The studies can also be done to create a complex technical solution for a specific task, generally increase production efficiency or help productions that strive to achieve smart factory automation. They are relevant in all types of manufacturing industries and address companies that want to grow, reach higher overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and a faster return of investment (ROI).

Invest in the right technologies at the right time
Visualize your production solution in Virtual Reality (VR)

Visualize your production solution in Virtual Reality (VR)

The involvement of VR in the manufacturing industry brings many advantages. The technologies offer the possibility to get a good overview and perception of the result early in the process. With this information, you are able to detect possible solutions' flaws before they are there in real life and before the equipment is mounted. The sooner a design mistake is detected, the cheaper it is to adjust it. This will decrease the commissioning time and save money for all parties involved. 

The technologies are user-friendly and offer a good and efficient way to communicate and exchange information in an educational manner. This gives you an excellent tool to explain complex problems and solutions. In addition, they help when planning the layout of the production line since the artificial world gives a better and more precise understanding of the concept than a drawing made in a CAD program. You will be able to experience the new solution in VR before it exists.

Remote service assistance helps to save time and money

Remote service assistance brings great value to the production owners as it helps minimize production stops and shorten the response time to solve a problem. Also, the application helps reduce costs for the customers. When a service engineer visits a production site to investigate a problem, it can lead to high costs that include, for example, transportation costs, working hours and so on. When using remote service assistance, the only cost is the time the service engineer is connected to the application. Thus, the customers get more value for their money. 

Another advantage is that the service sessions can be recorded. If it is likely that the same problem will show up again, the customer can go back to the recorded session and try to solve the problem on their own. We also provide the recorded sessions for educational purposes so the technicians on-site can be trained on how to solve different problems.

Remote service assistance helps to save time and money
Digital tools to support your project

Digital tools to support your project

FlexLinks digital tools fit your digital transformation targets.