PCB handling

PCB handling units that incorporate standard assembly features

Flow-oriented dynamic production control and modular automation for increased production efficiency

PCB handling means treatment with special care

A PCB or printed circuit board is a fundamental part of nearly all electronic products. As the center of electronic controls, PCBs route information via their multi-layer structure of conducting and insulating layers.

For the assembly of an electronic product, such as computers, TVs, LED lights and displays, large domestic appliances, and automotive electronics, various electronic components are attached to specific locations on the printed circuit board by the manufacturer.

A PCB enables reliable electrical connections and open circuits between component terminals in a controlled manner often referred to as PCB design. Due to their highly sensitive surface, the production and handling of printed circuit boards need to be extremely gentle and precise.

Fully modular stand-alone PCB handling units

PCB handling product lines from FlexLink incorporate modular stand-alone units that are truly independent of other modules in the system.

Each unit has an onboard control system that allows it to function independently. The unit can be linked to others in the system by utilizing their upline and downline SMEMA communications. The modules can also link to a higher-level monitoring or routing system by utilizing a host control system. All units have ESD safe designs and are CE marked.

Range of PCB handling modules

  • Single and multi magazine loaders and unloaders
  • Stackers, restackers and destackers
  • Edge belt conveyors
  • Inline workstations
  • Reject conveyors with good/no good software
  • FIFI and LIFO buffers
  • Single and multi magazine buffer modules
  • Liftgate conveyors
  • Side shuttles and shuttle gates
  • Turn units and inverters
  • Elevators, chain conveyors and flat belt conveyors
  • Laser markers
  • Brush cleaners
  • Backend assembly
Fully modular stand-alone PCB handling units
PCB laser markers and other handlig units from FlexLink

Complete range of PCB handling modules for full assembly lines

FlexLink offers a complete line of PCB handling units that incorporate standard assembly features throughout the product range, along with many options to accommodate the needs of the industry’s top companies.

A complete range

These high throughput modules provide transport, product buffering/accumulation, laser marking and a full range of handling and routing alternatives. 

The “open transfer” belt driver system eliminates shafts and bellows by incorporating a dual motor, Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD) safe belt system. The motorized jog width adjust system serves as the base platform for all products. An optional platform is available, as well as a dual-lane configuration and various board formats up to 24” or 609.6 mm.

The flexibility and quality of this system allow FlexLink to offer one of the most technically advanced conveyor platforms in the business. FlexLink is a leader and contributor in the development of the CFX/Hermes communication platform and has successfully delivered CFX/Hermes-ready modules in the field.

Advantages of PCB handling from FlexLink

Assembly and test systems by FlexLink combine flow-oriented dynamic production control and modular automation for increased production efficiency. Ergonomic workstations are available for manual assembly.

FlexLink offers one of the most technically advanced and extensive ranges of conveyor systems for the electronics industry.

Customer benefits

  • Complete range of PCB handling from magazine loader to laser marking
  • Available for manual, semi-automatic, or automatic assembly lines
  • Handling of single boards, racks, or carriers
  • Full range of handling modules
  • Standardized and modular for easy line configuration
  • Easy HMI or membrane controlled simple, intuitive, and configurable
  • SMEMA communication
  • CFX/Hermes approved modules
  • Production logistic solutions, with track, trace and quality assurance
Advantages of pcb handling from flexlink

Download our GENIUS PCB handling system catalog.

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