Controls with minimal programming effort and open standards

Controls with minimal programming effort and open standards

FlexLink's standardized controls system for new setups or existing lines

Controls systems with seamless integration & communication

FlexLink standard controls are based on future-proof, open standards. Our offer is

  • Optimal, intuitive, and easy to use

  • Easy and fast scalable when the scope is increased or new functions are needed

  • Ready for fast and efficient troubleshooting and quick service

  • Consistent globally and contains the implementation of local standards

Flexible, easy and scalable

The standardized controls system is easy to adapt and to expand for new systems or existing lines. It needs only minimal programming of functions which improves your engineering efficiency as well as a fast and easy installation.

The system has a human-machine interface (HMI) and visualization system for the operator and maintenance team which identifies and gives information on errors in real-time. 

FlexLink standard controls offer included horizontal integration with other systems in the line as well as vertical integration with MES, ERP, or SAP systems.

Standardized controls system from FlexLink
Embedded remote connection device

Supporting service and maintenance teams

Embedded remote connection device allows to reducing time for troubleshooting. When combined with the virtual supervision tool, the remote connection device provides a Remote Assistance offer. All this has the aim to increase troubleshooting efficiency support service.

Relevant electrical drawings and user manuals of the line are stored on the HMI. For example, the HMI will open the right page in the electrical drawing by pressing the motor button. Engineers don´t have to go to the cabinet or back to the office to look into the documentation. This is supporting maintenance teams.

FlexLink standard controls will improve your value and profit

  • Advanced electrical design, due to a modular concept, parallel workflow, and components from global suppliers
  • Software that is easy to customize and quick in commissioning
  • Embedded functions for decentral intelligence
  • Documentation, e.g., CE, UL, TÛV, which is available in your local language
  • Pre-installed and modular plug and play system
  • Quick startup and easy to use