Modular aluminum conveyor parts for simple planning and fast assembly

Our standard conveyors are based on an aluminum beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain. The FlexLink aluminum conveyor range is easy to assemble and doesn't require welding.

Aluminum conveyors beams are characterized by tensile strength, density, formability and corrosion resistance. The lightweight aluminum conveyor significantly reduces the environmental impact of product transportation. The low impact on the environment makes the aluminum conveyor a frequently used solution, contributing to lower shipping costs.

Typical conveyor components

Typical conveyor components
Conveyor beams
Belts & chains
Drive units
Idler Units
Wheel bends
Plain bends
Guide rails
Supports and feet
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How to assemble a FlexLink conveyor

Assembly of a FlexLink aluminum conveyor is quick and easy for trained professionals. Watch the step-by-step instructions for assembling an X65 conveyor from FlexLink. This video will briefly explain how to do all the steps yourself.

Download our full catalog for aluminum conveyors.

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