E-commerce solutions
E-commerce solutions
E-commerce conveyor solutions for automating distribution centers

E-commerce conveyor solutions for automating distribution centers

Material flow solutions to maximize order fulfillment

Learn how FlexLink e-commerce conveyor systems help maximize order fulfillment in distribution centers

FlexLink is a leading conveyor manufacturer offering automated conveyor solutions to automate distribution warehouses. Our solutions help optimize processes and increase the overall efficiency of distribution centers to meet the growing demand for e-commerce sales. 

Increase productivity through our conveyor solutions

The growing demand of the e-commerce industry requires fast processing of packages, parcels, and boxes in their warehouses and distribution centers. Precision handling and accurate tracking are critical to efficient operations of the package and parcel shipping process and delivery business. 

FlexLink can provide efficient automated solutions, the right conveyor technology and automated warehousing/distribution equipment crucial to optimizing and maximizing order fulfillment.  We ensure fast and accurate movement of packages to meet your requirements.

Increase productivity through our conveyor solutions
Distribution center automation starts with the right technology

Distribution center automation starts with the right technology

Conveyors used for e-commerce help increase the speed of parcel distribution: our flexible conveyor solutions are specifically designed to meet the demands of fast-paced warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Balanced flow of packages
  • High-speed lines
  • Compact solutions with optimized floor space utilization and better operator accessibility
  • High availability 
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Ideal for packages of all sizes, from large boxes to small package envelopes/shipping bags

Finding the best solution for your fulfillment center can be challenging. At FlexLink, we have specialists to assist you in finding the best options based on the type of products your distribution center handles.

Unique features and benefits of e-commerce conveyors by FlexLink

E-commerce conveyors by FlexLink offer various features and benefits for the warehouse, distribution, and shipping industries.

  • Fast and efficient conveyors and robotic solutions
  • Configurations include chain, roller, and belt conveyors
  • Designed and engineered to handle large volumes of parcels
  • Operate at high-speed
  • Specialized functions such as scanning, merging, diverting, sorting, inspecting, indexing, and pace/gap management
  • Flow control
  • Combination of automatic and manual workstations
Unique features and benefits of e-commerce conveyors by FlexLink
BRIXX® an ideal e-commerce solution


BRIXX® is a modular, click-and-play solution for packing automation. It combines intuitive software, mobile conveyors, and robots to automate repetitive tasks in packing and co-packing processes. Designed for adaptability, BRIXX® scales easily to meet production needs, offering an affordable, user-friendly option for businesses.

It addresses challenges like product variety and peak season demands, enhancing production efficiency. The system is safe, easy to move, and requires minimal programming, making it an ideal e-commerce solution for a range of product handling applications.

End-to-end solutions for e-commerce

A fast order fulfillment system capable of ensuring high quality standards and a satisfying customer experience is crucial for e-commerce operations.

Manual, repetitive tasks though can often hinder efficiency, leading to delays and mistakes.

This is where automatic solutions step in: robotic applications, for SKUs pick & place, can offer numerous advantages when seamlessly connected to box-on-demand solutions, for automated order fulfilment.