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Conveyors for the packaging and production of personal care products

FlexLink is a leading manufacturer of conveyors for the packaging and production of personal care products, offering flexible, modular factory automation solutions. Personal care products include non-durable household goods such as cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, hair care products, shampoo, soaps, oral care products, over-the-counter drugs, skincare products, and other consumables. 

Conveyor systems used to make and package these personal care products must support high volume production with gentle handling and high accuracy. For the production of personal care products, FlexLink’s solutions help you tackle several key factors to success. 

Rapid time-to-market

FlexLink’s solutions are designed to quickly adapt to meet changes in demand and handle many product variants simultaneously, with minimum resetting time. Flexibility and modularity make adapting to production line changes easy, which significantly facilitates new product introductions, reducing time-to-market.

Maximum sellable throughput

FlexLink’s solutions aim to achieve maximum sellable throughput. They can be used for all types of products, regardless of the size, shape, or fragility, handling them directly on the conveyor or using pucks and carriers. For example, FlexLink has solutions for moving empty bottles from the unscrambler onto a vacuum conveyor for filling, then along to a palletizer with case conveyors where shipping is carefully prepared. FlexLink provides tangible benefits by limiting damage to products and ensuring smooth transitions between machines for maximum uptime.

Rapid time-to-market
High production line efficiency

High production line efficiency

Efficiency and waste reduction are achieved in a variety of other ways besides limiting damage to products. Distributed line control, with its dynamic speed control, ensures scratch- and pressure-free handling, avoids unnecessary accumulation, and enables seamless speed changes. Mean time between failures (MBTF) is maximized to prevent production stops and minimize maintenance. An automatic guiding system allows fast re-setting of multi-product lines.

FlexLink’s personal care products conveyors also have higher operator efficiency via FlexLink’s smart layouts that offer better access. The line can be designed for empty or filled packages; it can also accommodate specially shaped or sensitive products such as lipstick and mascara using pucks or other carriers. At the same time, handling functions ensure products are correctly oriented before entering filling, labeling and packaging machines throughout the line, handling the products packed in boxes, crates, or trays.

Reduced waste and improved working environment

One way FlexLink reduces waste is through re-usability. We achieve that through the modular design of its equipment, long service life, and the use of recyclable materials. The optimized design of FlexLink’s personal care products conveyor minimizes product damage and is resistant to wear. FlexLink also contributes to a significantly improved working environment by reducing noise levels and increasing operator safety. We have achieved this by eliminating heavy lifts, sharp corners, and pinch points in personal care products conveyors.

Reduced waste and improved working environment

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