Solutions for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics including PCB production

We provide dynamic production automation

Solutions for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics including PCB production

Precise and supervised production for the electronics Industry

In the electronics industry, there are several key factors to success. With FlexLink’s solutions for automotive, consumer, or industrial electronics, here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.

Versatile electronics industry automation solutions

FlexLink has the product range to provide electronics industry automation solutions. From PCB handling and laser marking to pallet applications for manufacturing, assembly, and test. We make it easy to extend or modify your installations following changing production needs, keeping investment low. We do it fast, and we can assist you with step-by-step investments that follow product lifecycles.

Time-to-market and future modifications

FlexLink understands the customer's need for 'speed' from the first contact to implementing the final solution. Our high standardization levels enable us to respond quickly and keep us competitive throughout the process, from first response and proposals through project management, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales support.

Versatile electronics industry automation solutions
Assembly and test systems

Assembly and test systems

Assembly and test systems by FlexLink combine flow-oriented dynamic production control and modular automation for increased production efficiency. Ergonomic workstations are available for manual assembly.

FlexLink offers one of the most technically advanced and extensive ranges of conveyor systems for the electronics industry.


  • From PCB handling and laser marking to manual, semi-automatic or automatic assembly lines.

  • Handling of single boards, racks, or carriers.

  • Full range of handling modules.

  • Standardized and modular for easy line configuration.

  • HMI is simple, intuitive, and configurable.

  • Production logistic solutions, with track, trace, and quality assurance.


Traceability and optimal utilization of resources

Our software platform's key features include modules for order handling, traceability, flow, operator instructions, quality control, and test handling. FlexLink's equipment and monitoring software, Youtilize®, enables you to efficiently utilize all resources available in the line, which significantly enhances overall line efficiency. It integrates the functions between escort memories (RFID tags), hardware controls (PLC), and business application software (ERP, etc.).

FlexLink solutions in the electronics industry

A complete range for producing printed circuit boards (PCB): from conveyor and handling modules to soldering lines, laser markers, and labelers. Complete assembly and test lines with soak test solutions, battery charging, and manual or automatic assembly stations. Full ERP connection and track and trace.

Traceability and optimal utilization

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