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Conveyors to manage the flow in tissue production

The tissue industry includes many different tissue products for both home care and professional use. Toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissue, but also paper products for offices, hotels and workshops are just a few examples. Also, the tissue industry contains non-woven hygiene products, such as diapers and feminine care products.

FlexLink offers specifically optimized conveying solutions for handling tissue and hygiene products.

Customized conveyor systems for the tissue industry

Typical for the tissue industry as a whole are the high-volume production flows. Products are usually manufactured in significant volumes. This requires effective production processes with high levels of automation. Additionally, there is tough competition between the different companies manufacturing products within the tissue industry. Manufacturers have their own brands, which have to compete with the retailers’ labels.

To help our customers meet these requirements, FlexLink has a wide range of solutions specifically designed for the tissue industry. This includes conveyor equipment and dynamic handling and distribution solutions that deliver high output and smart, compact layouts that enhance overall efficiency.

One example is the X65Y conveyor made for naked tissue in dusty environments. It offers high performance in terms of speed, length, and cleanliness, yet with a low noise level, long service life, and low maintenance costs.

Conveying solutions optimized for the tissue industry
Efficient solutions for waste reduction and lower energy consumption

Improved efficiency and reduced waste

FlexLink’s solutions enhance efficiency in different ways. The demand-driven line balancing for optimal utilization and run time of converting machines is one. Another driver for efficiency is the smart, compact line layouts with good operator access to equipment and ease of work.

Gentle, reliable product handling and solutions for easy, repeatable change-over result in less product damage and downtime. In addition, the modular design of FlexLink equipment, their long service life, and the use of recyclable materials reduce total waste significantly.

Consciousness for sustainability

FlexLink recognizes that improved efficiency across the entire supply chain reduces both the environmental impact and total costs. The solutions developed for the tissue industry have increased utilization of converting capacity, lowered energy consumption, and reduced waste.

Moreover, the reusability of equipment and the significantly improved work environment by lowering the noise level while improving operator safety contribute to the long-term efforts of achieving sustainable tissue mills.

FlexLink solutions help to optimize tissue production

Our solutions and products developed specifically for the tissue industry can have a decisive impact on tissue production.

What you can expect

  • Optimal line balancing through our patented Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC) and Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT), in which distribution of products are made with continuous motion and highest throughput.

  • Proven conveyor and handling solutions with optimized design to minimize downtime, product damage, and change-over.

  • Wear-resistant through dedicated design and components for the tissue industry.

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Learn more about dynamic flows for tissue and diapers in our brochure.

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