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Beyond tobacco conveying

Customized to current and future needs.

Providing turn-key solutions for the tobacco industry and next-generation products

FlexLink offers complete systems for all stages providing flexible, efficient, and safe solutions the tobacco production adapted to current and future needs. Our wide offer of tobacco conveyor systems and robotic solutions ranges from standard to next-generation products.

We support next-generation tobacco production

The shift from traditional tobacco products like cigarettes to reduced-risk products requires to convert, upgrade and develop tobacco technical solutions.

At FlexLink, we are committed to supporting the transformation of the tobacco industry. We provide solutions to ensure product quality, increase line efficiency, and reduce maintenance and operation costs.

Thanks to the expertise developed over the years in several industries like pharma and lab automation, FlexLink is able to support customers centered on health, science, technology, and sustainable business practices to deliver innovative products.

We support next-generation
Extensive experience in the tobacco industry

Extensive experience in the tobacco industry

FlexLink has over 40 years of world-leading experience handling tobacco products with total support for layout, project management, installation, commissioning, training, and service. As modifications are required, we'll be ready to assist you with step-by-step investments that follow product lifecycles.

Our extensive range of tobacco equipment includes all aspects of product handling systems from conveyor to end of the line, ready to be integrated with new and existing production equipment.

  • Tobacco conveyors for proper and gentle handling, e.g., with a flocked chain and guide rails options.

  • Smooth line balancing is enabled by buffering, accumulation, storage and retrieval, and spiral elevators.

  • End-of-line solutions include picking and placing, sorting and palletizing, depalletizing, robot integration.

  • Additional functions such as diverting and merging, elevating and lowering, flipping, tilting, rotating are available.

Select the right partner to enhance your tobacco production

We understand how important it is to find a reliable long-term collaborative partnership to understand the core objective of tobacco production. Being part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based and globally operating industrial solution companies, enhances the synergies to design customized end-to-end solutions. 

For us, corporate responsibility is an integrated part of the corporate strategy. Therefore, our objective is to create economic, social, and environmental value for our clients' operations. 

Select the right partner to enhance your tobacco production