FlexLink ensures line efficiency for all production lines

Why FlexLink?

FlexLink ensures line efficiency for all production lines

We can help you to improve your production efficiency

From conveyor components to turnkey solutions, FlexLink delivers the automated production flow solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your production processes.

Our solutions minimize non-value-adding operations and bottlenecks and cut throughput time by as much as half. They also reduce total waste and energy consumption per produced unit, which lowers the environmental impact of operations.

Count on reliable project fulfillment

FlexLink has a well-proven process for project fulfillment. One key to its success is alignment, which means that everyone who participates in the process or affects it has received training and is committed to a uniform way of working both geographically and over time. Of course, FlexLink still strives to continually improve and achieve ever-increasing levels of optimal performance, which it monitors via satisfaction surveys and performance contracts.

Work with experts

At FlexLink, highly skilled professionals handle project fulfillment. They work closely with customers soon after an order has been received, covering the project planning and design stages, assembly, installation & ramp up, and through project closure. Many of them are either PMP or IPMA certified and FlexLink also heavily invests in further skill development via its live and e-learning training.

At FlexLink, highly skilled professionals handle project fulfillment.
Support of production lines for single piece flow with robotics

How we support operations manager

Our engineers can help you find the best solution for your operational needs. The earlier we get involved in the projects, the better outcomes we can achieve. We can help you with new installations of plants or production lines, design and simulation of production flows, upgrades, change-overs, or retrofits.  

Reduce operational costs 

  • Minimizing non-value-adding operations

  • Lowering power consumption per produced unit 

  • Reducing manual handling and administration

  • Space efficient solutions, i.e., more capacity per factory m²


What you gain as production manager

Many brand owners all over the globe already count on FlexLink products for decades and are convinced by the modular concept, high quality and outstanding performance. With automated production flow solutions from FlexLink, you minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) via the following improvements.

Increase the sellable throughput 

  • Eliminating bottlenecks by balancing the production flow

  • Improving quality assurance, increasing yield and product safety

  • Minimizing process waiting time

  • Reducing change over time, which increases line flexibility and available production capacity


what you gain as a production manager
With FlexLink Connects you can rely on a global ecosystem to deliver more value to your customers.

In partnership with integrators or OEMs

FlexLink has strategically established a global partner network, which exists of system builders, system integrators, and OEM partners, who are mutually committed to creating value for the customer. These long-term relationships are commitments based on a profitable business arrangement for both sides, dedicated partner support, and clear segmentations. 

At FlexLink, there is a deep-rooted culture of openness and collaboration at the company and, within different industry segments and geographic areas, we work together with our partners to create the best possible solution for the end customer. 

For more information, visit our partner program page.