Puck handling conveyors for maximum stability at high speed

Puck handling conveyors for maximum stability at high speed

Single piece flow solutions with highest product safety, line efficiency and flexibility

Made for products that need special care

Puck conveyors from FlexLink are well suited for handling various applications for small and fragile products. The range of handled products includes batteries, contact lenses, electric switches, LED lights, insulin pens, light bulbs, lipstick, mechatronics, e.g., for cars, medical devices, optical lenses, perfumes and syringes.

Puck handling conveyors for high speed flow

Tiny, delicate products need extra attention in a production line. FlexLink offers the option to place individual products on standard carriers (pucks) to prevent damage during the production process. These pucks transport each particular product from machine to machine ensuring product detachment. Handling a product on a puck brings maximum stability even if running the conveyor at high speed.

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Puck handling solutions for a wide product range

Intelligent control and smart handling of the flow

FlexLink’s puck handling conveyor system is a slim plug-and-play conveyor platform based on the X45 belt conveyor system. It is intended for small products and includes many functions for controlling and handling the flow. The system can manage high capacity and easily be arranged according to straight-forward or complex layouts, depending on your needs.

The handling functions such as diverters, mergers, stops, locating units and transfers have expanded possibilities with the FlexLink control interface. The control logic enables gentle routing for individual products without disturbing the main flow. The system’s characteristics make it suitable for products such as batteries, pharma, smaller bearings, electronics and cosmetics.

The X45e modules allow considerably simplified puck handling due to its controls design and easy modification. The integrated RFID functionality makes it easy to track the process and product QA. Based on high-efficiency motor technology, the system energy consumption is substantially lower than for conventional solutions.

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PDF X45 Conveyor System for small product handling
PDF X45 Conveyor System with embedded controller