FlexLink automation solutions for food production

Providing the perfect food conveyor is exactly to our taste

FlexLink automation solutions for food production

Applications for the food industry that improve production

FlexLink is a leading manufacturer of food handling conveyors and automated food processing equipment. With a dedicated team of industry specialists, we support the food industry worldwide.

FlexLink provides systems that are easy to design, assemble, integrate into machines and eventually modify and redesign, significantly facilitating new product introductions.

FlexLink offers hygienic conveyors used for handling of:

  • wet food

  • dry food

  • frozen food

  • food packaging

Efficient and effective food conveyors to increase food production

Efficient and effective food conveyors to increase food production

Food production lines from FlexLink increase the efficiency of food processing and packaging processes. One benefit for our customers is increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). A second benefit is a faster return on investment (ROI) by minimizing throughput time and non-value-adding operations. 

FlexLink’s modular, flexible food automation solutions are reconfigurable and reusable. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance with low power consumption. All handling equipment can quickly adapt to fluctuations in demand, facilitating the implementation of continuous improvements and the introduction of new products (NPI). The effects are improved responsiveness in products and deliveries, resulting in a significant competitive advantage.

Food factory automation solutions

FlexLink’s products and services for food processing conveyor lines include:

  • line design

  • conveyor equipment – stainless steel, plastic chain conveyors, modular wide belt conveyors, elevators, line balancing and controls, and cleaning devices

  • strong engineering and support services

How FlexLink food conveyors increase OEE and reduce TCO

FlexLink’s efficient food automation solutions with low operating costs significantly impact the total cost of ownership (TCO). Because of the lean design of the line, there are fewer production disturbances, less maintenance, and longer service life, increasing OEE and lower TCO.

How we achieve the increased throughput and reduced costs

  • Balanced production flow and high-speed lines.

  • Compact solutions with optimized floor space utilization, better operator accessibility, and simplified replenishment of consumables.

  • High availability and improved production.

  • Minimum maintenance, fast and easy to clean.

  • Sustainability via low water and detergent consumption, low power consumption, and operator safety.

Food industry experience and expertise

FlexLink has almost 40 years of experience delivering turn-key food processing automation solutions to the food industry. With long-standing memberships in many food production industry groups and numerous design, engineering, and innovation awards, FlexLink’s expertise in food automation is unsurpassed.

How FlexLink food conveyors increase OEE and reduce TCO
Consistent cleaning results for food production

Fast and consistent cleaning results

For food conveyor lines, cleaning is a major contributing factor to the production line’s efficiency. FlexLink’s food-grade conveyors are easy and quick to clean. There are no horizontal surfaces, cavities, or hollow bodies, and they have effective drainage. With easy access by design, you can inspect all areas without any heavy lifts or pinch points. This reduces the number of re-cleans by up to 90 percent and improves food safety.

Hygienic design of production equipment

The efficiency of cleaning is a major contributing factor to the production line’s downtime. If cleaning has to be repeated, it can reduce the OEE. The ability to easily clean and inspect all equipment areas without any heavy lifts or pinch points contributes to a consistent result.

FlexLinks’ hygienic conveyors provide:

  • no horizontal surfaces

  • effective drainage

  • no cavities or hollow bodies

  • easy access to all areas for cleaning and inspection

  • no heavy lifts to increase operator convenience and safety

Hygienic conveyor design

Our hygienic philosophy contains a few key drivers, focusing on product development within the food industry. Applying the right technology with a smart mindset will result in a fast, stable, and accurate production flow.

This highly contributes to the reduction of production time and the cost of manufactured products. Close cooperation with our customer made it possible to install a whole new production line for pancakes in a very short time.

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