Diverting and merging conveyors for high-speed line balancing

Diverting and merging conveyors for high-speed line balancing

Choose FlexLink for efficient production with less downtime and improved safety

Increase your productivity and flexibility with high-speed balancers

Mergers and diverters balance your product flow by combining products in one processing line or diverting products to different lines. FlexLink offers a wide range of merging and diverting conveyor solutions. Implementing the right solution helps to improve your OEE and reduces the risk of unnecessary downtimes.

Combine multiple lines to consolidate production flows

Merging conveyors can be used to consolidate product flow from multiple infeed lines, and these conveyors can work in different ways. The right kind of merge solution for your business depends on your specific application along with product characteristics and production setup. 

FlexLink’s technology for dynamic distribution and balancing of products delivers a high throughput in a continuous motion flow. It brings several benefits for your production line:

  • Dynamic operation facilitating compact layouts 
  • Products are individually metered for optimal line balancing 
  • On-the-fly distribution, stops for shifting avoided 
  • No back-log requirements, no divert slugs 
  • No clamping or accumulation and easy change overs 
  • Flexible and easy change over 


Combine multiple lines to consolidate production flows
Balance your flow upstream and downstream

Balance your flow upstream and downstream

The use of high-speed continuous motion technology revolutionizes speed capacity and introduces new applications to the manufacturing industry. Thanks to its versatility and smooth product handling, it improves the overall efficiency of the production line in both upstream and downstream areas.

A high-speed diverter is a solution for arranging products in various ways in a production process. It is best suited for industries with high production flows. Products get distributed according to the downstream process and its capacity requirements, enabling a demand-driven production at higher capacities than ever before. Its optimized conveyor and machine speeds generate higher production rates and a smooth flow of products.

Customized diverters and mergers

Our flexibly adjustable solutions fit different scenarios and enable an efficient production flow. FlexLink has a team of merging and diverting experts that can ensure an efficient process by designing a merging conveyor or diverter tailored to your production line's individual needs. 

Versatile, gentle and fast

FlexLink diverters and mergers are versatile with different configurable features:

  • high throughput (ppm)
  • In-feed and discharge balancing 
  • Manual or automatic change over 
  • Stand-alone controls system with SCADA features 

The diverter and its HMI are easily accessible and operated, still having a compact design with a small footprint. Servo motioned controlled lane diverting ensures a smooth and reliable operation. Products are gently held and positively driven through the diverter to eliminate product damages and facilitate the best possible availability and up-time. 

Customized diverters and mergers